The unwilling interdimensional travelers who find themselves waking up on Carnelian Island will be pleased to know that there are other intelligent beings already living there. Some will be helpful, others... won't be, but all of the important ones will be here. This list will be updated as more important NPCs are introduced.

If you want an NPC to tag your thread, comment to this post with the NPC you want and a link to the thread.

New Shaleton:
Mayor Conkeldurr: Conkeldurr came to Carnelian Island from a continent to the northeast, seeking a place to build a home for his family and friends. With decades of life experience to his name, he's a wise and benevolent leader; stern when the situation calls for it and unwavering in his decisions, but always working for the benefit of his village's people. He is the elder of an extended family of Timburr and Gurdurr, who work at constructing the northern and southern residential neighborhoods of New Shaleton. Mayor Conkeldurr can often be found overlooking the village from Outlook Hill, and he is always willing to share his stories and wisdom with any young'un who asks to hear.
Chief Nidoking: The chief of New Shaleton's police force. Those new to town may find Chief Nidoking to be a bit... prickly, especially if they think they're big shots or challenge his authority in anyway. He's not a bad guy, really, and he tends to soften up a lot if you stay in line and know him well-he just takes his position (and the power that comes with it) very seriously. He tends to be a bit hard on new recruits, but he would probably take a Hydro Pump for one of them if he had to.
Kecleon Brothers: The Kecleon Brothers are a pair of enterprising Pokemon who have set up a shop known as the Kecleon Market in New Shaleton. Their shop is packed with supplies that any Exploration Team could use. The green brother specializes in normal items, while the purple one is a bit more technically minded. They are both exceedingly cheerful, friendly, and, above all, reasonable... outside of very specific circumstances. The green brother is a bit more adventurous and will occasionally head into dungeons to open up shop... and don't even think of stealing from him. It's a very bad idea.
Kangaskhan: Kangaskhan is a kind, motherly Pokemon who runs a warehouse where Pokemon can store extra items free of charge. Of course, she's also always available to lend an ear to anyone who has problems or lend an extra hand... which, between everything, gives her a tendency to overstretch herself. She wouldn't dream of asking anyone for help, though.
Zweilous: The devoted banker Zweilous does his job out of a love for your glittering coins. What satisfaction does a creature without eyes get from burying itself in shiny objects? Who knows. But the two-headed dragon has a one-track mind when it comes to keeping precious money out of hands that haven't earned it, and New Shaleton is grateful for it. Guarding treasure seems to be the only thing his two heads can agree on, so it might be best to leave him to his fixation...but if you ever accidentally distract him into fighting with himself, a gift of something sparkly will pacify him.
Shedinja: Shedinja only ever talks to conduct his appraisal business (chest-unlocking transactions are completed in total silence), and when he does, it is in an eerie, hollow tone...Is he even looking at you when you step up to the counter? Or is he always staring? It's impossible to tell. It's not uncommon to see him out and about, or even drifting around the crowds on festival days, but even these moments of normalcy won't get a word out of him.
Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour: The three monkey may not be siblings, but they are as brothers in their love for preparing and serving cuisine. They're always searching for new flavors in the natural offerings of the uncharted islands - that's what brought them to New Shaleton, after all - but their tendency to run off to look for rare seeds and berries often leaves them short-staffed. There are always job openings at the Wisdom Cafe, whether you prefer cooking up berry pastries or cleaning tables.

Item Basics
In the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, there are a multitude of items that Rescue and Exploration Teams use to help further their efforts. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here's a basic rundown for those who aren't familiar with the game of the most common items a character is likely to find.

Oran BerryOran Berries, when eaten, restore a respectable amount of HP in the game, which means, as far as the visitors and native Pokemon know, they are an effective method of treating most minor to moderate injuries.
Pecha BerryPecha Berries are known to cure poisoning of all types upon being eaten.
Cheri BerryCheri Berries, upon being eaten, work as a cure for paralysis
Rawst BerryUpon being eaten, Rawst Berries are the most effective known treatment for burns.
Max ElixirIn the context of the game, Max Elixirs fully restore the PP of all moves. Since Rifted Guilds isn't quite following the moves of the game universe, simply put, it functions like an energy drink, giving Pokemon new strength to keep fighting even when they previously didn't have the energy to use a particular move anymore.
ApplesApples are the food of choice to sate hunger while in Mystery Dungeons, where the stomach empties much faster than normal. They come in a few varieties:
  • Apples - These regular-sized apples generally fill the stomach about halfway.
  • Big Apples - These larger apples will fully fill the stomach, even if it is completely empty.
  • Huge Apples - These exceptionally large apples will not only completely fill the stomach, but overfill it and enlarge it a little, allowing the one who ate it to go longer before needing food again.
SeedsSeeds are a fairly common item in the Mystery Dungeon world. They are almost never used for planting, but rather for the effects they cause upon being ingested. There are a very large variety of seeds, the full list of which can be found here.

Some of the more common varieties include:

  • Blast Seed - Can be eaten to give a Pokemon one shot of explosive breath, or thrown to detonate on contact with an enemy.
  • Stun Seed - Paralyzes a Pokemon when eaten.
  • X-Eye Seed - Cause hallucinations when eaten, so that surroundings and nearby objects/Pokemon take on strange appearances.
  • Heal Seed - Cure all status ailments when eaten.
  • Reviver Seed - If kept in the inventory, can revive a party member that falls unconscious. After use, becomes a Plain Seed, which has no effect but can be eaten.
Wonder OrbsWonder Orbs are curious little items. The location and method in their creation is unknown, but these small, translucent blue spheres are an indispensable part of rescue and exploration work. Each orb is one-time-use; after that, it disappears. As with seeds, they come with a huge variety of different effects, and the full list of orbs can be found here.

Some common Wonder Orbs include:

  • Escape Orb - An orb that - when activated - allows the whole party to escape a dungeon unscathed, without any of the usual penalties for losing or giving up a mission.
  • Rollcall Orb - If the party were to be separated, an activated Rollcall Orb would bring them all to the same location.
  • Cleanse Orb - Cleanse Orbs automatically clean any items that are sticky, gummed-up and unusable due to traps.
  • Warp Orb - Warp Orbs will warp any enemies in the same room to other locations on the current floor, temporarily removing the party from danger.
  • Luminous Orb - Luminous Orbs - when activated, emit a large flash of light, and light up a floor for the full duration that the party is on it.
  • Stairs Orb - When activated, the Stairs Orb will teleport the party over to the stairs to the next floor.
Thrown ItemsDescription

New Shaleton
New Shaleton is a young and quickly growing town of explorers, settlers, entrepreneurs - and inter-dimensional travelers. Built on a gently rolling meadow at the edge of the foothills, it seems sparse but has everything its new inhabitants need to survive. With some time and effort, it'll have everything they need to thrive.


Outlook Hill - The highest point in the village is nestled in the shade of a wide-branched tree. It's a popular place for off-duty explorers to relax with their friends, and a necessary place for any villager to go for the daily news, since the Bulletin Board is located on the hill overlooking the main road. Outlook Hill offers a fantastic view of the entire village, as its name would suggest.

Xatu Signpost - The sign dangling from its beak welcomes travelers to New Shaleton. Xatu is a Pokemon that stares into the sun to focus its precognitive powers; by facing the sunrise, this signpost foretells good luck for the villagers with the light of each dawn.


Kecleon Market - The shops run by Misters Kecleon and Kecleon offer all the supplies any explorer will need to venture out into the wilderness. Inside the shop, the green brother sells curative berries, medicinal drinks, equipment and accessories, and edible seeds. On the red mats outside, the purple brother sells TMs and Wonder Orbs. He also sells treasures and curios - explorers can sell interesting items they've found in dungeons to the Market for a decent price.

Zweilous Bank - The two-headed banker is paid a good wage by the guilds to guard villagers' savings. You can rest easy knowing your hoard is under Zweilous' watchful eyes.

Kangaskhan Storage - Warm-hearted Kangaskhan runs a warehouse where explorers can store their supplies and loot free of charge.

Shedinja Appraisal - The stoic and near-silent Shedinja will unlock treasure boxes and identify unknown items for a small fee. He's an eerie fellow, but excellent at his job.

Wisdom Cafe - This popular village hangout is run by Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. Stop in for a berry shake or just to catch up on the local gossip. Word around town is that the Cafe's proprietors are looking to expand their menu; Pokemon with a passion for the culinary arts and a need for a paying job, inquire within!


Outside of the town center, there are neighborhoods that house the majority of the village's residents. The residential areas are maintained by a crew of Timburr that come by to fix any damage caused by storms or misaimed attacks; they consist of many tents of varying sizes scattered about a neighborhood, connected by thin roads that meander from shelter to shelter. Wells and streams are never too far from any one tent, and decorations like totem poles dot the roadsides.

North Neighborhood - The path beyond Shedinja's shop turns north to a grassland open to the sky. The neighborhood here is situated along the slope of the hill, with log stairs built into the incline every hundred feet or so. A few trees offer shade, but the north neighborhood mostly basks in the sun's warm rays....and the rain's damp gloom. The tents are waterproof, so your belongings are safe, but unless you're a Water-type you're going to want to stay inside when dark clouds are lurking.

South Neighborhood - Take the road south from the Zweilous Bank, and you're led down another hillside to a creek beneath the shade of trees. Beside that creek is the south neighborhood, comfortably nestled beneath a green canopy that keeps the community cool and dry. The mottled shadows of the forest's edge aren't for everyone, but those who live here enjoy the soft warbling of running water and the gentle rustling of the leaves throughout the day.

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Event Calendar
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December 2011

16Activity Check starts
23Activity Check ends

Daily weather to be added soon.

Recurring Events

Autumn Harvest: First Thursday of November - Third Thursday of November
Harvest Festival: Third Thursday of November

The World

Carnelian Island's southeastern edge has been scouted out and mapped by the guilds. Treacherous mountain terrain and dense forest currently block progress into the island's interior.


New Shaleton - detailed information here
Founded by former wanderer Conkeldurr, the still-young village attracted a trio of explorers keen on venturing into uncharted territory, and with them came the merchants and businesses New Shaleton needs to support a growing population. The village draws in wild Pokemon looking for a stable way of life, but its growth has multiplied lately thanks to some strange new arrivals...

Stone Garden
To the east of New Shaleton, a mysterious garden of standing stones gives an eerie field to a meadow by the water. Recently, bewildered Pokemon have been appearing in their long shadows...and so the garden's reputation grows murkier by the day.

Mystery Dungeons

Dungeons are listed here in the order discovered and recorded by the exploration guilds. Dungeon descriptions are in two parts; the first part is a physical description of the dungeon and explains what a character would encounter upon entering the dungeon, and the second contains any additional in-universe info about the dungeon's discovery and hidden contents that guilds might have on hand.

Breezy Moor
A small dungeon located in a windy, grassy hill area. Mountains can be seen to the north, and the sea far to the south. Some hardy berries can be found here, but most items in Breezy Moor are inorganic items like Gravelerock and cheap Wonder Orbs. Many bird Pokemon like Spearow and Starly live here, and Ponyta can be found roaming the lower levels of the dungeon. The weather is always clear.
  • This dungeon was one of the first discovered on the islands, and was scouted out by Guildmaster Mawile. It is located to the northeast of the village. No treasure or landmarks have been discovered in Breezy Moor.

Mudkip Marsh
A small dungeon nestled in a brackish wetland. Tall grasses and reeds make visibility difficult for small Pokemon, and the ground is soft and muddy underfoot. Pools of water make this dungeon an ideal home for riverside Pokemon, and peaceful wild Mudkip are known to live at the end of the dungeon, hence the name "Mudkip Marsh". Other Pokemon found in the dungeon are Corphish, Barboach, and occasionally Basculin. Many Berries grow here and are scattered around the dungeon. The weather is usually clear, with occasional rain.
  • This dungeon was one of the first discovered on the islands, and was scouted out by Guildmaster Smeargle. It is located to the south of the village. No treasure or landmarks have been discovered in Mudkip Marsh.

Bramble Road
A small dungeon located in a woodland with thick, thorny undergrowth. Large Pokemon may find themselves tangled in the brambles that this dungeon is named for. Many Bug Pokemon appear in the dungeon, as well as small forest Pokemon like Pachirisu that can slip around and through the spiny bushes. Wonder Orbs and seeds with various properties can be found on the Bramble Road. The weather is often cloudy. Explorers must turn back upon reaching the end of the dungeon, as the brambles become too thick even for small Pokemon to pass through safely.
  • This dungeon was one of the first discovered on the islands, and was scouted out by Guildmaster Honchkrow. It is located to the east of the village. No treasure or landmarks have been discovered in Bramble Road, but the path at the dungeon's end seems to lead on even though the road is impassable.

The Guilds

Exploration Guild
The Exploration Guild is founded on a noble legacy, and Guildmaster Mawile is a staunch traditionalist when it comes to instructing her apprentices in the art of exploration. This Guild exists to scout out uncharted territory, defend civilians from feral Pokemon, and locate land and resources for the village it serves. As the credo written on the guild walls goes: "To the distant lands beyond the horizon, we venture forward with our heads held high!" Mawile is known for being a tough and demanding teacher, and expects a lot of her apprentices, but behind the Exploration Guild's intimidating face is a community that values camaraderie, loyalty, and trust; an explorer from Mawile's guild will find that someone always has their back when things get tough.

The Exploration Guild is housed in a stone building north of town. It has four floors aboveground dedicated to living space, each with five dormitory rooms capable of housing two to four Pokemon each depending on their size. The dining hall is one floor down from ground level, and a hidden door somewhere leads to storage chambers even further down. Rumor has it that deep beneath the guild tower, there's treasure hidden in a maze of secret doors and cavernous rooms....

Led by: Guildmaster Mawile
Edward Elric - edachu
Link - triedforce

Rescue Guild
The Rescue Guild, Guildmaster Smeargle admits herself, is a bit of a misnomer. It is something she hopes the Guild will be able to eventually focus on, and it's named after the legendary rescue teams of old, but the real focus of this Guild - especially as the community is first being established - is aid. For instance, finding a necessary item, helping with the construction of a new building, etc.

The layout of the Guild is more spread out, with dormitory rooms forming a sort of ring with a large building in the middle - which contains the Guildmaster's rooms, the mess hall and Guild meeting room. In the back, there is a courtyard, where guildmembers can gather, meet and mingle. In the front, meanwhile, is an atrium where prospective members, petitioners and visitors can meet. In addition, the atrium has stairs that lead down into a large underground storage area.

Led by: Guildmaster Smeargle
Hinamori Momo - peachesnotplums
Ran Mouri - ranoneesan
Tsunayoshi Sawada - reluctant10th

Thieves' Guild
The Honchkrow Guild, located on the outskirts of town in a giant, hollowed-out tree, is by far the most polarizing of the three. Some Pokemon laud it for its contributions to the development of New Shaleton and hail Guildmaster Honchkrow as a pillar of the community, while others condemn it as a den of thieves.

The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Honchkrow’s guild does all the usual rescue, exploration, and bounty hunting jobs, and most of that money goes into the community—Honchkrow often gives entrepreneurs financial support and helps with supplies.

However, it would be untrue to say that all of the guild’s work is legitimate business. Honchkrow maintains an affable, noble air around most of the guild; however, he tends to keep an eye out for those who have quick wits and loose morals. If he finds suitable enough candidates, they are permitted to take ‘special’ jobs that the rest of the guild’s members aren’t privy to, which generally consist of things like thievery, extortion, and that sort of thing. Of course, those lucky few don’t get free reign—the Guildmaster has standards, after all, and those who get too violent or reckless may very well find themselves on the Outlaw Notice Boards.

Led by: Guildmaster Honchkrow
Vincent Brooks - rum_and_cokes

The guilds are by no means exclusive in their job selection, and tend to work with each other on a fairly frequent basis, especially as the community is just being established. Overall, the attitude between the Guilds towards each other - particularly the Exploration and Rescue guilds - is that of a friendly rivalry.

To sign a character up for guild membership, comment to this post with the following form:

To revoke a character's guild membership, comment to this post with the following form:

Graduation and Teammaking


Maybe it was just another day. Maybe you were getting ready to go to school, or coming home for work - or maybe you were crossing the galaxy in a spaceship, or stalking your prey through the deepest jungle, or studying magic under a wizard's tutelage. Whatever your situation, you find an odd object, a badge whose shape seems to promise adventure...

The instant you touch it, your life changes utterly.

You fall into a dream. Who are you? What are you? The questions come. You answer, and the essence of your being is revealed. You are transformed....

Welcome to the world of Pokemon.

Why are you here? Nobody knows. But everyone can agree that there's something odd about these islands you've appeared on; something hinted at in ruined monuments and standing stones, abandoned cities and ancient pathways. You and your fellow travelers aren't the only ones interested in the mysteries around you - for the natives of this world, these islands are uncharted territory, and a newly-founded village is home to pioneers of all kinds.

What will you do now? Well, that's up to you. You can settle into your new body and your new life, find your place in the young community of New Shaleton and live out your days as a Pokemon....

But what kind of life is that? Chances are, you want to go home. But the path back won't be easy to find; you'll need help from master explorers - the Guildmasters - who have opened their doors to apprentice adventurers. Under their tutelage, you can master your new powers, forge roads through the wilderness, and solve the mysteries standing between you and your own world....

...and while you're at it, you might just uncover secrets greater than you ever could have imagined.

Taken Characters
Character Name: Jonesy McJones [usernamehere]
Player: exploration_hq
Canon Point: After everyone gets shot
Species: Arceus

If you've just been accepted to the game, please copy and paste the following form into a reply and fill it out:

Character Name: Kingdom of the Netherlands [krentekakker]
Canon Point: Dutch Golden Age
Character Name: Momo Hinamori [peachesnotplums]
Player: Ran
Canon Point: Immediately prior to the Fake Karakura Town arc
Species: Growlithe

Character Name: Szayel Aporro Granz [smrtrthanyou]
Player: Skyla Doragono
Canon Point: Post death, just before arriving in Hell.
Species: Butterfree
Character Name: Vincent Brooks [rum_and_cokes]
Player: Shun
Canon Point: 6th Night, just after going to bed
Species: Mareep
Character Name: Allen Walker [musical_lion]
Player: sirbartonslady (SBL for short)
Canon Point: Circa Chapter 205 (just after Allen has left the Order)
Species: Shinx

Character Name: Lavi [lavivee]
Player: Kalorii
Canon Point: End of chapter 207 (manga and novel canon only)
Species: Eevee
Character Name: Satoshi Hiwatari [resisted_fate]
Player: Deria
Canon Point: Pre-transfer, post-Daisuke sleepover
Species: Smeargle
Character Name: Edogawa Conan[modernholmes]
Canon Point:Just before the red horse arson case (Episode 325)

Character Name: Kogoro Mouri [yokosfanboy]
Canon Point: Post File 393 "The Luring Red Horse"
Species: Prinlup

Character Name: Kuroba Kaito[checkerclover]
Player: Magix
Canon Point: File 715, just before he returns the Kirin’s horn
Species: Murkrow

Character Name: Ran Mouri [ranoneesan]
Player: Mippa
Canon Point: During episode 345
Species: Chansey
Character Name: Jack Carter [inenglishplz]
Player: Knight
Canon Point: Shortly after 4x02 A New World
Species: Growlithe
Character Name: Edward Elric [edachu]
Player: Malia
Canon Point: Ch. 50, when Ed gets nommed by Gluttony.
Species: Pikachu
Character Name: Luna Lovegood [dirigible_dear]
Player: Hickumu
Canon Point: After going into the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid as punishment for helping attempt to steal the Sword of Gryffindor.
Species: Smeargle
Character Name: Sawada Tsunayoshi[reluctant10th]
Player: Kiwi
Canon Point: Chapter 360
Species: Growlithe
Character Name: Roxas [key_dreams]
Player: Amanda
Canon Point: KH2- Beginning of Sora's story
Species: Riolu
Character Name: Link [triedforce]
Player: Malia
Canon Point: After getting knocked out by the Shadow Monster from the well in Kakariko Village
Species: Leafeon
Character Name:Applejack [honestapples]
Canon Point:Post "The Return of Harmony"
Character Name: Minato Arisato [orphism]
Player: Levi
Canon Point: Post The Journey
Species: Snivy

Character Name: Seta Souji [myriadcranes]
Player: Jess
Canon Point: Normal/True Ending, just before finding out the true killer's identity
Species: Absol
Character Name: Mami Tomoe [j_aygirl]
Player: Jay
Canon Point: After Mami gets headchomped in the fifth timeline (Before Madoka becomes a Puella Magi)
Species: Snivy
Character Name: Ondorus [grapecape]
Player: Holo
Canon Point: Just before game's beginning
Species: Nidorino
Character Name: Ruca Milda [demonicbookworm]
Player: Ashka
Canon Point: Right before heading to the Tower of Dawn
Species: Torchic
Character Name: Anise Tatlin [soaringblast]
Player: Roxy
Canon Point: Post-game; pre-ending scene.
Species: Purrloin

Character Name: Asch [kuzuga]
Player: Sol
Canon Point: During the month lull after the Outer Lands have been lowered.
Species: Torchic

Character Name:Dist the Reaper [revenge_lj]
Player: Enno
Canon Point: Epilogue
Species: Cubchoo

Character Name: Guy Cecil [guyllade]
Player: Alissa
Canon Point: Post-Absorption Gate, during the timeskip.
Species: Gallade

Character Name: Ion [benevolences]
Player: Sei
Canon Point: Post-Absorption Gate, after the month timeskip.
Species: Duosion

Character Name: Jade Curtiss [indigaytion]
Player: Rei
Canon Point: Right after the last event in the Contamination Sidequest
Species: Totodile

Character Name: Luke fon Fabre [oldest7yearold]
Player: Gorse
Canon Point: Post-Absorption Gate, on the Katsbert Ferry on his way to meet his friends
Species: Torchic

Character Name: Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear [mmmredheads]
Player: Kukki
Canon Point: Post-Absorption Gate, before meeting with the party.
Species: Vulpix

Character Name: Tear Grants [holysiren]
Player: Sarah
Canon Point: After Luke gets the Jewel of Lorelei.
Species: Milotic
Character Name: Kyon [kyon]
Player: Lee
Canon Point: After Disappearance
Species: Swadloon
Character Name: Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito [daisukenobwaaah]
Player: Sarah
Canon Point: Post-game
Species: Scraggy

Character Name: Mr. H [justacafeowner]
Player: DH
Canon Point: Post Game
Species: Purrloin

Character Name: Neku [psychomance]
Player: Gage
Canon Point: Post-Game
Species: Absol
Character Name: Ruuji Familon [leo_cincinnatus]
Player: Sam
Canon Point: Post-series
Species: Luxray

Hiatus & Drops
If you think you might be absent from the game for a while, please let us know here! When Activity Check rolls around, the last thing we want to do is penalize players who are absent for legitimate situations and problems. Just fill out the following form and reply to this post with it.

Also, hiatuses made after the new Activity Check has been announced will not be counted towards exemptions from having to post activity, unfortunately.

Currently, the time limit for Hiatuses is 4 weeks (?). If you need to go longer than that, please contact one of the mods so we can discuss the situation. We're fairly lenient, but we want to make sure we understand why you're taking such an extended leave of absence and do the best we're able to make sure that there is no character squatting going on.

If you're leaving the game, please fill out the form below and reply, then remove your character account from all the communities. Whatever the reason, we're sorry to see you go, and hope you had a wonderful time playing with us!


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