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At the start of the game, apps will be open indefinitely, because there will be few plot events that will make introing a new character difficult. However, we will be moving to app cycles once we start running plots that will make introducing a new character difficult. We will notify you in advance before we make the change.
Before you start your application, there are a few things to keep in mind! Like, for instance, which characters and canons are appable and which aren't.

We will accept characters from any medium-anime, live action, video games, books, western comics, western animation, webcomics, theater,  and so on. We will also accept OCs from original universes.

We will not accept:
  • Characters with little to no canon personality or backstory. Having some decently supported headcanon is fine: however, if you find that you are making up 90% or more of your character's personality and backstory, they will not be acceptable.
  • Real people. The only exception to this is if you are playing a sufficiently fictionalized historical figure; for example, historical figures from canons like Sengoku Basara, Dynasty Warriors, and the Nasuverse would be acceptable, while playing from a biopic would not be (unless it was some sort of parody biopic).
  • Characters from gag-a-day comics and webcomics like Penny Arcade and various newspaper comics. There is an exception to this: if there is some sort of official spin-off that has a plot, like Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness, characters may be apped from the spinoff.
  • Fandom OCs and in-universe OCs.
  • Canons that have only recently started. Due to the differing natures of some canons, it's difficult to qualify this; for example, if only the first fifteen chapters of a weekly manga are out, it would be a bad idea to apply from it; however, there is some more leeway in apping from a monthly manga where the first fifteen chapters are out, as monthly chapters are much longer than weekly chapters. Generally, if it feels like the plot hasn't moved forward much yet and there is a lot more that you can learn about the majority of the characters, it's probably a bad idea to app from it.
  • At present, we will not be accepting characters from Pokemon canons; we feel that if they were accepted at the start, they would end up with too much influence over other characters due to knowing things that other characters wouldn't. However, this is subject to change once the game has gotten going and characters within the game have learned most of the basics of the universe they've been dropped in.
Also, we will accept doubles from canon alternate universes. For a canon to qualify as an alternate universe, it must change fundamental elements of the universe and/or the majority of the characters as opposed to simply expanding on them. For example, the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime and the Fullmetal Alchemist manga would be considered alternate universes because some fundamental mechanics of the universes are different and the backstories of some characters are vastly different. However, Fairy Tail manga and the Fairy Tail anime would not be considered alternate universes; while the latter fleshes out some aspects of the former, rearranges some backstory events, and connects certain events that were unconnected in the manga, the characters and universe remain largely the same. Other examples of canon alternate universes would be the 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek: The Original Series, the myriad Marvel and DC alternate universes, and fictionalized accounts of history that feature the same historical figures (for example, Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors).

Characters from fan-made AUs are not allowed, whether they are based on existing fanfiction/fancomics or made up by the person applying.

Now, with that over with, please also remember to read the rules and the FAQ. If you aren't familiar with Pokemon or you're having trouble thinking of a Pokemon that fits your character, you are free to ask players in the game for advice on the Pokemon Picker Help page. If you're worried that someone else might get to your character before you do, put in a reserve.

Once that's done, you're set to start on your app! As an extra note, we allow you to either come up with your own scenario for a first-person sample or ICly fill out the questionnaire below (questions will change on a periodic basis).

=== Player Information ===
Name/Nick: (Your name or nickname you wish to be called by)
Journal: (Your personal journal)
Method of Contact: (Something outside Livejournal, be it email, AIM, MSN, etc.)
Current Characters: (Characters that you may currently have in Rifted Guilds, if there are none, list n/a)

=== Character Information ===
Name: (self-explanatory)
Gender: (also self-explanatory)
Age: (If none is given in canon, approximate. Also let us know if they're immortal/ageless)
Fandom: (Please name what fandom your character is from. If you're taking them from a particular medium, please state so here - for instance, if you were taking a character from Soul Eater, please state if you're taking him from the anime or manga)
Time period: (Please state what canon point you will be taking your character from)

Pokemon: (Please tell us which Pokemon your character will be turning into!)
Distinguishing Characteristics: (One or two small things that might distinguish your character in Pokemon form, i.e. a scar or (for Pokemon with fur or feathers) something that resembles their hairstyle, or so on and so forth. Characters may also have one or two accessories, such as sunglasses, a scarf, a hat, etc. Feel free to link examples of their original form as an example, if need be.)
Explanation: (Please explain here how the form of your Pokemon suits your character, either via their personality, their abilities, or both, as well as any other justification you may have! If you're having trouble with this section, feel free to stop by our Pokemon Picker Helper page, where people can give you suggestions on what Pokemon your character should be based on the description you give us!)

History: (Feel free to link a Wikipedia/fanlisting article here, or give us a brief synopsis of your own. It doesn't need to be too detailed, just enough to give us a general idea for the background of your character. We may ask you to elaborate if we notice the linked article is incomplete)

Personality: (No linking here. Please give us a few paragraphs of explanation of your character's personality. Quality is more important than quantity here. If you can give us a comprehensive grasp of your character's personality in less paragraphs, then do so)

=== Samples: ===
First Person:
(You may either write your own sample that is set within the game's setting, or you may have your character ICly answer the questionnaire in the textbox beneath the application form.)

Third Person:
(Please write a 300 word sample set within the game's universe. It can consist of your character's arrival, but it does not have to; it can also be set after your character has had some time to adjust to his or her new form.)

Application Form:


If your app is marked with a revise notice, you have 72 hours to write up your revisions. If your app is rejected, you may reapply for the same character next month after reviewing your character's canon and making the necessary changes. However, if your application for that character is rejected three times, you may not apply for the same character again.

We will try to get to apps in order; however, we may skip over some apps that require further discussion. We apologize for this.

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