Exploration Headquarters (exploration_hq) wrote,
Exploration Headquarters


Maybe it was just another day. Maybe you were getting ready to go to school, or coming home for work - or maybe you were crossing the galaxy in a spaceship, or stalking your prey through the deepest jungle, or studying magic under a wizard's tutelage. Whatever your situation, you find an odd object, a badge whose shape seems to promise adventure...

The instant you touch it, your life changes utterly.

You fall into a dream. Who are you? What are you? The questions come. You answer, and the essence of your being is revealed. You are transformed....

Welcome to the world of Pokemon.

Why are you here? Nobody knows. But everyone can agree that there's something odd about these islands you've appeared on; something hinted at in ruined monuments and standing stones, abandoned cities and ancient pathways. You and your fellow travelers aren't the only ones interested in the mysteries around you - for the natives of this world, these islands are uncharted territory, and a newly-founded village is home to pioneers of all kinds.

What will you do now? Well, that's up to you. You can settle into your new body and your new life, find your place in the young community of New Shaleton and live out your days as a Pokemon....

But what kind of life is that? Chances are, you want to go home. But the path back won't be easy to find; you'll need help from master explorers - the Guildmasters - who have opened their doors to apprentice adventurers. Under their tutelage, you can master your new powers, forge roads through the wilderness, and solve the mysteries standing between you and your own world....

...and while you're at it, you might just uncover secrets greater than you ever could have imagined.

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