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Item Basics

In the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, there are a multitude of items that Rescue and Exploration Teams use to help further their efforts. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here's a basic rundown for those who aren't familiar with the game of the most common items a character is likely to find.

Oran BerryOran Berries, when eaten, restore a respectable amount of HP in the game, which means, as far as the visitors and native Pokemon know, they are an effective method of treating most minor to moderate injuries.
Pecha BerryPecha Berries are known to cure poisoning of all types upon being eaten.
Cheri BerryCheri Berries, upon being eaten, work as a cure for paralysis
Rawst BerryUpon being eaten, Rawst Berries are the most effective known treatment for burns.
Max ElixirIn the context of the game, Max Elixirs fully restore the PP of all moves. Since Rifted Guilds isn't quite following the moves of the game universe, simply put, it functions like an energy drink, giving Pokemon new strength to keep fighting even when they previously didn't have the energy to use a particular move anymore.
ApplesApples are the food of choice to sate hunger while in Mystery Dungeons, where the stomach empties much faster than normal. They come in a few varieties:
  • Apples - These regular-sized apples generally fill the stomach about halfway.
  • Big Apples - These larger apples will fully fill the stomach, even if it is completely empty.
  • Huge Apples - These exceptionally large apples will not only completely fill the stomach, but overfill it and enlarge it a little, allowing the one who ate it to go longer before needing food again.
SeedsSeeds are a fairly common item in the Mystery Dungeon world. They are almost never used for planting, but rather for the effects they cause upon being ingested. There are a very large variety of seeds, the full list of which can be found here.

Some of the more common varieties include:

  • Blast Seed - Can be eaten to give a Pokemon one shot of explosive breath, or thrown to detonate on contact with an enemy.
  • Stun Seed - Paralyzes a Pokemon when eaten.
  • X-Eye Seed - Cause hallucinations when eaten, so that surroundings and nearby objects/Pokemon take on strange appearances.
  • Heal Seed - Cure all status ailments when eaten.
  • Reviver Seed - If kept in the inventory, can revive a party member that falls unconscious. After use, becomes a Plain Seed, which has no effect but can be eaten.
Wonder OrbsWonder Orbs are curious little items. The location and method in their creation is unknown, but these small, translucent blue spheres are an indispensable part of rescue and exploration work. Each orb is one-time-use; after that, it disappears. As with seeds, they come with a huge variety of different effects, and the full list of orbs can be found here.

Some common Wonder Orbs include:

  • Escape Orb - An orb that - when activated - allows the whole party to escape a dungeon unscathed, without any of the usual penalties for losing or giving up a mission.
  • Rollcall Orb - If the party were to be separated, an activated Rollcall Orb would bring them all to the same location.
  • Cleanse Orb - Cleanse Orbs automatically clean any items that are sticky, gummed-up and unusable due to traps.
  • Warp Orb - Warp Orbs will warp any enemies in the same room to other locations on the current floor, temporarily removing the party from danger.
  • Luminous Orb - Luminous Orbs - when activated, emit a large flash of light, and light up a floor for the full duration that the party is on it.
  • Stairs Orb - When activated, the Stairs Orb will teleport the party over to the stairs to the next floor.
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