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The unwilling interdimensional travelers who find themselves waking up on Carnelian Island will be pleased to know that there are other intelligent beings already living there. Some will be helpful, others... won't be, but all of the important ones will be here. This list will be updated as more important NPCs are introduced.

If you want an NPC to tag your thread, comment to this post with the NPC you want and a link to the thread.

New Shaleton:
Mayor Conkeldurr: Conkeldurr came to Carnelian Island from a continent to the northeast, seeking a place to build a home for his family and friends. With decades of life experience to his name, he's a wise and benevolent leader; stern when the situation calls for it and unwavering in his decisions, but always working for the benefit of his village's people. He is the elder of an extended family of Timburr and Gurdurr, who work at constructing the northern and southern residential neighborhoods of New Shaleton. Mayor Conkeldurr can often be found overlooking the village from Outlook Hill, and he is always willing to share his stories and wisdom with any young'un who asks to hear.
Chief Nidoking: The chief of New Shaleton's police force. Those new to town may find Chief Nidoking to be a bit... prickly, especially if they think they're big shots or challenge his authority in anyway. He's not a bad guy, really, and he tends to soften up a lot if you stay in line and know him well-he just takes his position (and the power that comes with it) very seriously. He tends to be a bit hard on new recruits, but he would probably take a Hydro Pump for one of them if he had to.
Kecleon Brothers: The Kecleon Brothers are a pair of enterprising Pokemon who have set up a shop known as the Kecleon Market in New Shaleton. Their shop is packed with supplies that any Exploration Team could use. The green brother specializes in normal items, while the purple one is a bit more technically minded. They are both exceedingly cheerful, friendly, and, above all, reasonable... outside of very specific circumstances. The green brother is a bit more adventurous and will occasionally head into dungeons to open up shop... and don't even think of stealing from him. It's a very bad idea.
Kangaskhan: Kangaskhan is a kind, motherly Pokemon who runs a warehouse where Pokemon can store extra items free of charge. Of course, she's also always available to lend an ear to anyone who has problems or lend an extra hand... which, between everything, gives her a tendency to overstretch herself. She wouldn't dream of asking anyone for help, though.
Zweilous: The devoted banker Zweilous does his job out of a love for your glittering coins. What satisfaction does a creature without eyes get from burying itself in shiny objects? Who knows. But the two-headed dragon has a one-track mind when it comes to keeping precious money out of hands that haven't earned it, and New Shaleton is grateful for it. Guarding treasure seems to be the only thing his two heads can agree on, so it might be best to leave him to his fixation...but if you ever accidentally distract him into fighting with himself, a gift of something sparkly will pacify him.
Shedinja: Shedinja only ever talks to conduct his appraisal business (chest-unlocking transactions are completed in total silence), and when he does, it is in an eerie, hollow tone...Is he even looking at you when you step up to the counter? Or is he always staring? It's impossible to tell. It's not uncommon to see him out and about, or even drifting around the crowds on festival days, but even these moments of normalcy won't get a word out of him.
Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour: The three monkey may not be siblings, but they are as brothers in their love for preparing and serving cuisine. They're always searching for new flavors in the natural offerings of the uncharted islands - that's what brought them to New Shaleton, after all - but their tendency to run off to look for rare seeds and berries often leaves them short-staffed. There are always job openings at the Wisdom Cafe, whether you prefer cooking up berry pastries or cleaning tables.
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