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Meet the moderation staff! We're here to help you and keep things running smoothly, since that is what modly types do. If ever you have any kind of problems, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

The moderation team:
Gorse [gorsecloud]
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -6)
AIM: gorsethewarrior                                             Plurk: Here
Preferred Method of Contact: AIM or Plurk tend to be fastest, followed by private messages. I'm currently pretty much nocturnal and trying to fix this, so my "online" schedule might be a little erratic and unpredictable. Rest assured though as soon as I see your message, I'll try to respond.

Ran [random_prophet]
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Preferred Method of Contact: AIM, E-mail, and Plurk are the best forms of contact. Note that I tend to leave AIM up while I'm at school, so I may not be able to get to you right away.

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Preferred Method of Contact: Email is checked throughout the day and a response is guaranteed within 24 hours of contact; Plurk and private messages are the fastest alternative

Have concerns with the game? Problems that need to be fixed? Here's where you can tell us about them.

Running a game is a huge undertaking, and no game or mod team is perfect. Here at Rifted Guilds, we are especially aware of that fact, and believe that critiques and feedback are efforts on the part of the player base (or potential player base!) to help correct problems that they see and improve the game as a whole. As such, we encourage players to come to us with problems they see. We want to make this game the best it can possibly be, too!

Anonymous commenting is enabled, I.P. logging is off.

Comments are screened, but unless we find your message to be offensive or that it contains nothing we can really address (or you request that we don't do so), we will unscreen it upon replying.

Any problems will be corrected, and we will do our best to address any and all concerns. However, particularly on administrative matters, it is impossible to please everyone. If we feel we cannot do so, we will do our best to explain why. We don't want to drive off any players, so if you feel you can defend your point, please feel free to do so; we would rather reach a compromise if at all possible. However, there are some values and points we do not wish to give ground on. We'll let you know.


We encourage players to come to us with their problems and concerns. As such, we will never address issues raised solely in anonymous-based, third party communities like rpanoncomm and therpsecrets.

While we acknowledge the existence and prevalence of these communities, and that - in certain circumstances - they can be used to fuel discussion and improve the game, we feel that there is too much risk associated with posting those kinds of problems openly. Outside, uninvolved parties - some (if not many) with poor intentions - can comment freely under the mask of anonymity, to stir up trouble and cause drama, which we don't want.

At the same time, we do not approve of those who attack or "bash" those who express concerns, wherever they may raise them. If someone posts criticisms about the game in rpanoncomm or therpsecrets, please do not attack them. Encourage them to bring those concerns and criticisms here.

The bottom line? Talk to us. We don't bite, and we'd much rather hear your opinions on how to make the game better.
  Again, Anonymous comments are enabled, IP Logging is off, comments are screened until we reply.

Do you have an idea for a player plot? A new shop in New Shaleton? A dungeon with a special twist to it? Give us your suggestions here! We're very open to our players having a stake in building up the world, so if you have any ideas, feel free to give them to us! We'll look them over and try to get back to you about them as soon as possible. Please note that it will not be possible to include all ideas, but we will try to include as many of them as humanly possible.

If you have suggestions for how the game could be improved, please take it to the Feedback/Critique page.

Comments will be screened for the benefit of people who want their ideas to be a surprise. They will be unscreened at player request.

Game F.A.Q.
Here are some basic questions about the game we hope will address most concerns and inquiries that people have about the game/premise/etc. If you're confused about anything, please read through the questions below first and check to see if yours is there. If it's not, then feel free to drop us a message in the comments and we'll get to it ASAP!


So what exactly is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

PMD is a spin-off series of games from the main Pokemon series, with five main games in two sets - Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, as well as Explorers of Time, Darkness, and the Sky. In the context of the Pokemon series as a whole, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is known for exceptional music, fairly well-developed characters, and emotionally engaging plotlines, compared to the other games.

In PMD, the main character, standing in for the player, is a human who has - for reasons unknown - somehow had their memories erased and been turned into a Pokemon. They join forces with a partner character, and search to discover their origins and past, as well as the reason behind problems cropping up in the world around them.

And maybe do a little saving the world on the side.

What are Mystery Dungeons?

Mystery Dungeons are are unnatural phenomenon in the world, usually represented - figuratively speaking - by dungeons or towers. As one progresses through the "floors" of a mystery dungeon, the layout changes. Items can be found at random and any Pokemon found are usually feral and will attack. In addition, the layout changes if one is to leave and re-enter, so no journey through a mystery dungeon is the same twice.

Mystery Dungeons can form in all sorts of environments - forests, mountains, beaches, caves, land formations, even artificial/built structures like towers and ruins. There are even some mystery dungeons underwater!

Why is my character here?

Now that's what everyone's not sure about! So far as your character, or anybody else knows, they've simply appeared in this strange world, as a Pokemon, with nothing but a badge in their hands and the instructions that they were given by their badge (- that they must right the wrongs of the past and that they have "the potential," whatever that means).  Rest assured that all will be revealed over the course of the plot, though.

How did they get here?

Somewhere in their own world, they found an item, most specifically, a badge. Once they touched this item, intentionally or not, a voice appeared in their mind, asking them questions similar to the questionnaire found at the beginning of every Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. Upon answering the questions, the character then blacked out, and upon awakening, found themselves, as a Pokemon, at the Stone Garden with the same badge in hand.

The actual questionnaire is generally handwaved, though it can be used as a first person sample in the application.

What if my character is dead in canon?

Simple enough. Upon their death, the character will find themselves floating in an odd sort of void, where they answer the aforementioned questionnaire. Upon answering the questions, they then wake up in the Stone Garden with badge in hand as per normal.

What are the badges? What do they do?

The badges don't seem to do much - the character they arrived with will always have a vague sense of their location, so it's hard to lose them, but other than that they're fairly useless at first glance. But the badges do have a very important hidden function, as anyone who gets in over their head in a dungeon will find. Any badge holder that is knocked unconscious in a dungeon will be teleported back to their guild headquarters, expedition base camp, or whatever their "home base" is at the moment. And if a badge holder is ever placed in immediate mortal danger, the badge will cause them to fall unconscious and awaken later in the Stone Garden with the worst of their injuries healed.

The badges have a lot of potential for other, more varied functions. Maybe there's someone with the know-how to unlock that potential...?

What about my character's powers?

Given that your character's body has been essentially remade, they've been negated, unfortunately. If you wish to negate the effects of this, it is advised you pick a Pokemon whose abilities are as close to their canonical abilities as is humanely possible. For instance, Spiderman might become a Spinarak or Ariados. A telepath might become some sort of psychic type.

What kind of Pokemon can my character become?

We'd like to keep things as unrestricted as possible for the time being. Traditionally in PMD games, the Pokemon that the player character is turned into is based on their personality; here at Rifted Guilds, the Pokemon they turn into is up to you, but ideally should be based on a combination of personality, canonical abilities and other symbolism and ideas associated with that character. Legendary Pokemon are not allowed however, but all other Pokemon are - from Generation 1 through 5. You will need to justify your choice in your character's application.

If you're having trouble choosing, then go to our Pokemon Picker Help page and give us a little info on your character to receive ideas from other players!

My character is...a Goldeen...?

Fish, seals, plesiosaurs; whatever the species, aquatic Pokemon who find themselves on land can, quite literally, breathe easy. If your character is a species that normally has gills and stays in the water, they can breathe air just fine. If they don't have the limbs necessary to move around on terra firma, they can "swim" around a few feet above the ground. We're guessing the badge did it.

All these Pokemon look the same! How is my character going to be able to tell their friends apart from other Pokemon?

Pokemon generally tend to have more distinguishing characteristics than the sprites from the games would indicate, and your character's appearance as a Pokemon will reflect that. If your character is a Pokemon with fur or feathers, they may have a few tufts that resemble their distinctive hairstyle. Outside of very rare instances, though, they will not have distinctive coloration; if Cloud Strife were an Eevee, he would not have inexplicably blond hair in one place on the top of his head and nowhere else. Characters who have canonically unusual coloration (like Elphaba from Wicked, for example) can potentially end up with the shiny coloration. The only exception to this is eye color. Regardless of what the normal eye color for the species is, your character's eye color will match their canon eye color.

Your character may also arrive with an accessory or two, such as sunglasses, a scarf, a necklace, a hat, or something in that vein. The accessory will be scaled either up or down to fit the Pokemon that your character has transformed into.

Aside from that, Pokemon have senses that are better than humans' in some respects. Their improved sense of smell makes it easier to tell one Pokemon apart from another and allows them to pick up emotional cues from Pokemon that have fairly rigid facial structures.

Can my character evolve?

Not yet. This is a problem that is affecting most Pokemon living on the island, though, so they are definitely looking for a way to change this.

My character's a big fan of Pokemon in canon! They can fill everyone else in about it, right?

Unfortunately, no; characters from universes where the Pokemon games exist will not have any memory of them (or any associated material) upon arrival. This is the only modification to your character's memory that will happen before they wake up, and even then, it's not quite complete-if your character was a big fan of the series, they may have a nagging feeling of déjà vu upon seeing Pokemon that they were particularly fond of.

So, my character's here. What can they do now?

Well, they're stuck here, same as everyone else. They can sit back and settle down, if they really want. But for those who want to do more, who want to find out why they're here and how they can find the meaning behind the cryptic messages they've been given? That's what the Guilds are for.

What are the Guilds?

There are currently three, each with their own focus. They all perform similar services - performing rescue missions, chasing down outlaws, gathering supplies, hunting for treasure - but each has a specific niche that it specializes in. You can find information on  the three guilds and what they will offer your character on the Guilds page.

What if my character doesn't want to join a Guild?

Joining is not compulsory, and there are some options beyond the Guilds - running a shop, helping NPC shops and characters, and working as a mercenary, to name a few. If none of these options sounds appealing (to you or your character), talk to the mods; we want to see if there's a way to work something out so that your character is playable in the game. Remember though that, whatever your choice, your character needs to be able to interact with the rest of the rest of the community on a fairly regular basis, if only to make activity.

How does time work in the game?

Time here is something we're working on. Right now, as of gamestart, we're going to be going on a one IC day per one OOC day scale. After a month or so of play, we'll be running it by you, the players, to check the pacing, whether you think it's too fast, and other options.

How does Activity Check work?

Every month or so, the moderators will make a post in the OOC comm. In that post, you should submit no more than 4 threads, with 15 comments by you total. You may do fewer threads if you wish.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply and ask us below! We will attempt to answer your question as quickly as possible.

They will close on a TBD date.

-- Currently Reserved

Yylfordt Granz [solnyshkomoyo] (Expires 12/10)

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Kyon [individual] (Expires 12/8)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Fudou Yuusei [northwind_gale] (Expires 12/9)

Reserve your character of choice here! Before reserving, be sure to check the Taken List to make sure that the character you wish to apply for is not already in-game. Then, be sure to stop by the Application Page and check out our rules on who is and is not appable, and make sure your character is in the clear. After that, please fill out the following form and reply here, and then you're all set! For the Player section, please put a link to a journal!

Once a character is reserved, others may not apply for that character until the application has been judged or the reserve expires. At this time we are not accepting challenge applications.

Reserves will (normally) last for one week!


At the start of the game, apps will be open indefinitely, because there will be few plot events that will make introing a new character difficult. However, we will be moving to app cycles once we start running plots that will make introducing a new character difficult. We will notify you in advance before we make the change.
Before you start your application, there are a few things to keep in mind! Like, for instance, which characters and canons are appable and which aren't.

We will accept characters from any medium-anime, live action, video games, books, western comics, western animation, webcomics, theater,  and so on. We will also accept OCs from original universes.

We will not accept:
  • Characters with little to no canon personality or backstory. Having some decently supported headcanon is fine: however, if you find that you are making up 90% or more of your character's personality and backstory, they will not be acceptable.
  • Real people. The only exception to this is if you are playing a sufficiently fictionalized historical figure; for example, historical figures from canons like Sengoku Basara, Dynasty Warriors, and the Nasuverse would be acceptable, while playing from a biopic would not be (unless it was some sort of parody biopic).
  • Characters from gag-a-day comics and webcomics like Penny Arcade and various newspaper comics. There is an exception to this: if there is some sort of official spin-off that has a plot, like Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness, characters may be apped from the spinoff.
  • Fandom OCs and in-universe OCs.
  • Canons that have only recently started. Due to the differing natures of some canons, it's difficult to qualify this; for example, if only the first fifteen chapters of a weekly manga are out, it would be a bad idea to apply from it; however, there is some more leeway in apping from a monthly manga where the first fifteen chapters are out, as monthly chapters are much longer than weekly chapters. Generally, if it feels like the plot hasn't moved forward much yet and there is a lot more that you can learn about the majority of the characters, it's probably a bad idea to app from it.
  • At present, we will not be accepting characters from Pokemon canons; we feel that if they were accepted at the start, they would end up with too much influence over other characters due to knowing things that other characters wouldn't. However, this is subject to change once the game has gotten going and characters within the game have learned most of the basics of the universe they've been dropped in.
Also, we will accept doubles from canon alternate universes. For a canon to qualify as an alternate universe, it must change fundamental elements of the universe and/or the majority of the characters as opposed to simply expanding on them. For example, the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime and the Fullmetal Alchemist manga would be considered alternate universes because some fundamental mechanics of the universes are different and the backstories of some characters are vastly different. However, Fairy Tail manga and the Fairy Tail anime would not be considered alternate universes; while the latter fleshes out some aspects of the former, rearranges some backstory events, and connects certain events that were unconnected in the manga, the characters and universe remain largely the same. Other examples of canon alternate universes would be the 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek: The Original Series, the myriad Marvel and DC alternate universes, and fictionalized accounts of history that feature the same historical figures (for example, Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors).

Characters from fan-made AUs are not allowed, whether they are based on existing fanfiction/fancomics or made up by the person applying.

Now, with that over with, please also remember to read the rules and the FAQ. If you aren't familiar with Pokemon or you're having trouble thinking of a Pokemon that fits your character, you are free to ask players in the game for advice on the Pokemon Picker Help page. If you're worried that someone else might get to your character before you do, put in a reserve.

Once that's done, you're set to start on your app! As an extra note, we allow you to either come up with your own scenario for a first-person sample or ICly fill out the questionnaire below (questions will change on a periodic basis).

=== Player Information ===
Name/Nick: (Your name or nickname you wish to be called by)
Journal: (Your personal journal)
Method of Contact: (Something outside Livejournal, be it email, AIM, MSN, etc.)
Current Characters: (Characters that you may currently have in Rifted Guilds, if there are none, list n/a)

=== Character Information ===
Name: (self-explanatory)
Gender: (also self-explanatory)
Age: (If none is given in canon, approximate. Also let us know if they're immortal/ageless)
Fandom: (Please name what fandom your character is from. If you're taking them from a particular medium, please state so here - for instance, if you were taking a character from Soul Eater, please state if you're taking him from the anime or manga)
Time period: (Please state what canon point you will be taking your character from)

Pokemon: (Please tell us which Pokemon your character will be turning into!)
Distinguishing Characteristics: (One or two small things that might distinguish your character in Pokemon form, i.e. a scar or (for Pokemon with fur or feathers) something that resembles their hairstyle, or so on and so forth. Characters may also have one or two accessories, such as sunglasses, a scarf, a hat, etc. Feel free to link examples of their original form as an example, if need be.)
Explanation: (Please explain here how the form of your Pokemon suits your character, either via their personality, their abilities, or both, as well as any other justification you may have! If you're having trouble with this section, feel free to stop by our Pokemon Picker Helper page, where people can give you suggestions on what Pokemon your character should be based on the description you give us!)

History: (Feel free to link a Wikipedia/fanlisting article here, or give us a brief synopsis of your own. It doesn't need to be too detailed, just enough to give us a general idea for the background of your character. We may ask you to elaborate if we notice the linked article is incomplete)

Personality: (No linking here. Please give us a few paragraphs of explanation of your character's personality. Quality is more important than quantity here. If you can give us a comprehensive grasp of your character's personality in less paragraphs, then do so)

=== Samples: ===
First Person:
(You may either write your own sample that is set within the game's setting, or you may have your character ICly answer the questionnaire in the textbox beneath the application form.)

Third Person:
(Please write a 300 word sample set within the game's universe. It can consist of your character's arrival, but it does not have to; it can also be set after your character has had some time to adjust to his or her new form.)

Application Form:


If your app is marked with a revise notice, you have 72 hours to write up your revisions. If your app is rejected, you may reapply for the same character next month after reviewing your character's canon and making the necessary changes. However, if your application for that character is rejected three times, you may not apply for the same character again.

We will try to get to apps in order; however, we may skip over some apps that require further discussion. We apologize for this.

1. Be polite to one another! We don't expect everyone in the game to be best friends with each other, but please, try to resolve conflicts as peacefully as possible. If you have a problem with another player, please talk to them about it-or, if that fails, talk to a mod about it and we will do everything we can to try and resolve the problem. If someone is actively harassing you OOC, please contact a mod as quickly as possible. We want this game to be a fun, safe environment for our players, and while we understand that drama does happen, we would like to solve it before it gets out of control.

2. No godmoding/metagaming/powergaming. This rule is an offshoot of rule 1. Do not try to control the actions of another player, have your character know things that they would have no reason to know, or make your character completely unbeatable. For example, someone who is godmoding (and powergaming) might write up a tag that says "Sephiroth spat out the most powerful Flamethrower ever and instantly burned Batman to a crisp." A better way of writing the same tag would be "Sephiroth aimed a powerful Flamethrower at Batman." The first tag states that Batman has no way of avoiding Sephiroth's attack and causes him to be instantly killed by it, while the second tag leaves room for Batman to dodge the attack and does not imply that it would be immediately fatal if he were hit by the attack.

3. IC actions = IC consequences; however, IC=/=OOC. There are some perfectly nice people out there who play characters who are huge jerks. The fact that they are playing a mean person does not mean that they are mean OOC, and the fact that their character just called yours a long list of insulting names does not mean that the player hates you or your character, because they are not their character. However, if you are playing a character who is a huge jerk, please do not expect other characters to let them get away with being a huge jerk. If your character starts attacking another character for no good reason in the middle of the town, it's likely that people will probably want your character arrested.

4. Keep the main comm worksafe. We don't care what you do in your personal journals, but we request that you keep any sexual content and graphic violence off the main comm, because we are trying to match the approximate tone of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers games. We allow some leeway in this regard-for example, some blood and swearing are fine, and the Explorers games are notable for having some very dark content without containing any graphic violence.

5. You may only apply for five characters. If you wish to play multiple characters, please make sure that you have the time and willingness to keep up with them. One player may play multiple characters from one fandom provided they would not have much reason to interact. For example, one player could play both Izuru Kira and Grimmjow Jeagerjaques from Bleach because those characters have no canon interaction and would not have any reason to interact; however, using the same fandom as an example, one could not play both Zaraki Kenpachi and Abarai Renji, because Renji is Kenpachi's former subordinate and, thus, they would have reason to interact.

6. Be active. Activity checks will be held every month, and will require a maximum of four threads of any length that have a combined total of fifteen comments. If you find yourself consistently struggling to make this goal, you may want to cut back. Furthermore, please do not fill up your character slots and rotate them out for new ones frequently.

7. Run big player plots past mods before starting them off. We will have plenty of free time for players to run their own plots, and we highly encourage them to do so! However, we do intend for this game to be rather plotty, so it's necessary to bring any long-running, gamewide player plots to us so we can make sure it won't conflict with a main plot event or another player plot. Any suggestions related to plots or worldbuilding should be taken to the suggestions post.

Pokemon Picker Help
Hello, prospective appers! This is a post to help you out with what's arguably the most important part of the game: picking the perfect Pokemon for your character! So, what kind of Pokemon ARE you, anyway? Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the Pokemon series who just can't figure out whether your character should be a Growlithe or a Houndour or you're completely new to the series and are kind of lost amid the 600+ Pokemon, you'll find that help here.

Simply fill out the text box below, and players currently in the game will give you suggestions for what Pokemon would fit your character.


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